1-Q-EC amplifier DEC Module 24/2

Compact speed controller for brushless DC motors with Hall Sensors.

The DEC Module 24/2, a digital 1-quadrant amplifier with speed controller for brushless EC motors with Hall Sensors up to 48 Watt.

The well-priced, miniaturized, powerful plug-in module can be seamlessly integrated into most complex applications with little effort. Now, the customer can fully focus on developing their own device – while being able to take full advantage of maxon motor’s vast drive know-how that comes along with the module. Additionally available are a comprehensive Motherboard Design Guide to assist OEMs in their circuit board design as well as a detailed Evaluation Board for the use during initial starting up.

The wide supply voltage range of 8…24 VDC (alternatively 5 VDC) with a continuous output current of 2 A permits flexible, multifunctional operation at a high efficiency factor. The amplifier offers a large number of inputs and outputs (such as enabling, speed ranges, direction of rotation presetting, current limiting, operational status) and comprehensive protection features (such as overcurrent, undervoltage and overvoltage, thermal overload, blockage, short circuit). The amplifier is designed for a maximum motor speed of 80 000 rpm (1 pole pair). Two connector arrays arranged in a 2.54 mm (0.1“) pattern support easy connectivity and integration into the OEM-side motherboard.

Miniature size, high performance, attractive price, extensive protective functions, simple integration; And, all of the above on a surface area of less than 5 cm2, which approximately corresponds with the size of a postage stamp.

An all-inclusive operating manual (including Motherboard Design Guide) is available for download on the Internet (www.maxonmotor.com) or eShop (shop.maxonmotor.com).

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