• Intelligent prosthetics

    Using two brushed DC motors from maxon motor, prosthetic specialist Endolite, have developed a new award winning foot and ankle system that will revolutionise amputees walking abilities

  • driven 1/14: Exhilarating speed – Man and machine at their limits

    maxon drive systems in motor sports

    The newest edition of driven, the maxon motor magazine, is available now. Join Formula Renault 3.5 driver Nico Müller on the racing track. Take a seat in the cockpit with him and learn more about why maxon's DC motors are important for fast laps. The magazine is available for free as an app for tablets and as a print version.

  • The big Space spring clean

    The European Conference on Space Debris recently highlighted an urgent need to start removing redundant objects out of orbit. Unless items are eliminated, collisions will be inevitable and space will become extremely hazardous. maxon motor uk has been working with the Surrey Space Centre (SSC) on their experimental solution.

  • Orbital welding bug launched

    Gridweld Welding Systems has developed a new automatic pipeline welding crawler. This advanced unit uses online configurable DC motors from maxon motors DCX family.

  • Opportunity celebrates 10 years on Mars

    It keeps going and going and going – with maxon DC motors

    Ten years ago, the NASA rovers Opportunity and Spirit landed on Mars. NASA chose maxon motor to supply the 39 brushed DC motors that enable each robot to navigate the surface. Opportunity is still exploring the planet, an extraordinarily long time considering the robot was designed for a service life of only 90 days.

  • Cryogenic desserts

    From student project to Oscar winning sorbet, with the help of maxon’s DC brushless motor, gearhead and motor controller.

    Brad Smith studied industrial design at Brunel University and, for his final year project, looked at specialty chilling for beverages, using liquid nitrogen. After working in industry for a few years, he came back to the idea and changed the design to support a more commercially viable venture – producing ice-cream.

  • ESCON Module 50/4 EC-S Servo Motor Controller for sensorless Operation of BLDC Motors

    Straightforward commissioning, excellent motor control characteristics, and peak performance.

    As addition to the ESCON servo controller family, maxon motor now presents a miniaturised OEM plug-in module for sensorless BLDC applications. The compact, powerful 4-quadrant PWM servo motor controller offers efficient control of permanent-magnet activated sensorless BLDC motors (brushless DC motors, so-called EC motors) with-out Hall sensors up to approximately 200 Watts. As part of the ESCON family it stands for high usability, exceptional performance, and unprecedented power density in servo motor controller technology. Sensorless operation offers the best conditions for a high reliability at low system costs.

  • New, configurable DC motors and gearheads from maxon motor.

    The maxon DCX series is being expanded with two new DC motors. The GPX 22 gearhead is now also available in a version with reduced noise level and with ceramic axes.

  • driven 3//13: High-tech cameras – lightning-fast and ultra-sharp

    maxon drive systems in the communication sector.

    In the new edition of “driven”, the maxon motor magazine, everything revolves around high-tech cameras: From professional SLR cameras and camera stabilization systems to modern projection devices for telescopes. All these applications have one thing in common: they all use high-precision drives by maxon motor. The tablet magazine is available free of charge for Apple iOS and Google Android.

  • maxon motor wins Aerosuisse Award 2013

    Aerosuisse, the umbrella organisation for the Swiss aerospace industry, chose maxon motor ag as the winner of this year's award in recognition of their achievements in the aerospace industry.

  • driven 2//13: Aircraft technology of today and tomorrow. maxon motors in the aerospace industry.

    The new issue of “driven”, the maxon motor magazine, brings stories and applications from the field of aerospace technology to your tablet, interactive and easy to understand. In particular, the focus is on aviation engineering of today and tomorrow: from the use of drive systems in modern airliners to the aircraft of the future. The tablet magazine is available for Apple iOS and Google Android.

  • The Medical Automation Revolution - Suture Processing

    An automated surgical suture machine invented by PharmSouth Ltd and using maxon motors, gearheads and controllers, is greatly improving the suture processing industry.

  • maxon motor Group: A difficult year well-mastered

    maxon motor Group increases 2012 revenue again

    Sachseln/OW. – The maxon motor Group looks back on a successful business year 2012. In spite of modest market development, high commodity prices and the strong Swiss franc, maxon increased its revenue to CHF 360.5 million (+6.2%) in comparison to the previous year. The cash flow remained practically unchanged at CHF 36.9 million. At the end of 2012, the company employed 2,077 employees (+58) in Sachseln (Switzerland), Sexau (Germany), Veszprém (Hungary) and at the new location in Sejong (South Korea). The investments in research and development, which represent approx. 10% of the total revenue, reached a new record value. In 2012, maxon introduced a completely new DCX motor and gearhead series, with the option of configuring and ordering motors, gearheads and encoders directly online. As the market development is currently difficult to predict, maxon is assuming a 2013 revenue similar to 2012.

  • Oxford to Minsk on a pint of petrol

    The many months of hard work paid off for the University of Oxford at this year’s Shell Eco-marathon challenge when they won the coveted Technical Innovation Award.

  • World Rescue Robot Competition – First for UK team

    maxon motor uk have been working with the Warwick Mobile Robotics team on their entry for the World RoboCup Rescue Championships 2013. Of the 2500 individuals participating in this competition, from 40 countries, this is the only UK entry.

  • Pioneering device could double the number of human organs available

    In a world first, a donated human liver has been 'kept alive' and successfully transplanted.

    Since transplants commenced organs have been preserved and transported in cold ischemic storage. The organs during this stage are not functioning and at risk of being damaged and becoming unusable. A technology developed at Oxford University, using maxon motor brushless DC motors and gearheads, could preserve a functioning liver outside the body for 24 hours which would dramatically increase the numbers of organs available for transplant. About 700 liver transplants are carried out in the UK each year, but more than 100 patients die each year while on the waiting list.

  • New servo motor controller – The ESCON 70/10

    High performance, easy to commission, outstanding motor control characteristics, and top performance.

    maxon motor’s new range of servo controllers continues to expand. Just like the existing motor control units in the range, the new maxon motor ESCON 70/10 possesses incredibly easy usability and peak control properties. The high power density 4-quadrant pulse width modulated (PWM) servo motor controller gives efficient control of permanent-magnet brushed DC motors (PMDC) and brushless DC motors (BLDC motors) using Hall sensors with a power rating to ~700 W.

  • Innovation for robotic drilling – Passive input gearbox

    Engineers in the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre’s (AMRC) new Design & Prototyping Group have developed a compact gearbox for an innovative robotic drilling system. Using maxon motor’s EC-4pole brushless DC motor the automated system can quickly adjust its parameters when drilling complex aerospace structures containing both metal and composite materials.

  • Extreme heat, extreme pressure, extreme performance

    maxon motor’s new 480 W Heavy Duty brushless motor and gearhead can withstand 200 °C, 100 G and 1700 bar

    maxon motor specialises in producing Heavy Duty (HD) motors that deliver exceptional performance for use in the world’s harshest environments. The latest product to join the HD family is the EC-4pole 32 HD, designed for extremely rough operating conditions, particularly for applications in downhole tools and geologging devices.

  • Small spindle drives are now also available in wearproof ceramic

    Two new complete systems composed of spindle, axial bearing, and gearhead.

    With the GP 8 S and GP 16 S spindle drives, maxon motor is expanding the program and simultaneously launching the ceramic spindle. The ceramic spindle is an extraordinary product, with several advantages.

  • maxon 32 mm planetary gearhead for high radial loads

    New design ensures smooth and true running.

    maxon motor, the worldwide leader in high precision drives, has added two new gearheads to the already successful GP 32 program. Significant improvements have been made to the single-stage planetary gearhead: The planetary carrier has been reinforced, the bearings have been repositioned, and a ceramic version is now available.

  • The RE 30 EB 15 W maxon DC motor for fine rotary motions

    maxon motor windings and precious metal brushes generate higher torque.

    Haptic applications are well known in medical engineering, robotics and aeronautics. For example, an active helicopter sidestick generates forces that provide tactile feedback to the pilot of a conventional system. Such applications require a special drive. maxon's ironless winding and precious metal commutation were designed for these requirements.

  • The future vision of sustainable mobility

    Shell Eco-marathon 2013

    The Shell Eco-marathon is a unique global competition that challenges students to design, build and drive the most energy-efficient car. maxon motor uk have been working with the University of Oxford on this year’s entry.

  • maxon motor Extends its ESCON Range of DC Motor Controller Products

    maxon motor have expanded their ESCON controller family with 2 new products - the ESCON 70/10 and the ESCON 50/5 module for OEM integration. The series stands for unprecedented power density controller technology. It’s built-in functionality, protection and performance are hard to beat.

  • driven 1//13: Strong Replacements in Medical Technology

    maxon motors in implants and prosthetics

    The latest issue of “driven”, the maxon motor magazine, brings stories and applications from the field of medical technology to your tablet. This issue is all about implants and prosthetics, ranging from a state-of-the-art motorised prosthetic hand to an implanted medication pump. The interactive and easy to understand tablet magazine is available for Apple iOS and Google Android..

  • maxon’s Configure and Order Revolution

    One of the first companies to try out maxon motor’s new online configurable DCX drives shares their experience.

  • New free training course from maxon motor

    Introduction to DC Motor Selection

  • Introducing the new 4 mm micromotor and gearhead

    maxon motor was challenged to deliver maximum power in the smallest possible space and the result is the EC 4 brushless motor.

  • maxon motor Benefits Compounding Pharmaceuticals Market

    As an engineering entrepreneur with connections in the pharmaceutical industry, Jeff Smith sought to find a solution to the issues with ointment milling. maxon motor’s modular drive helped Jeff with the solution.

  • Launching the UK’s first CubeSat mission

    Scottish based business Clyde Space, is exploring new and exciting opportunities using Nano-satellites controlled by brushless dc motors from maxon motor uk.

  • The final push: In two months, Roboy will be brought to life.

    More than 50 brushless dc motors, gearheads and controllers from maxon motor are responsible for the humanoid's precision movements.

    Roboy has a bright future as he represents a completely new generation of robots. The pioneer project of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab) of the University of Zurich started six months ago, with the target of developing one of the most modern humanoid robots within nine months. On March 9, 2013, Roboy will be presented to the public at the “Robots on Tour” robotics exhibition held in Zurich on the Lab’s 25th anniversary.

  • maxon motor has QMS EN 9100 certification.

    High-precision small drives for the aerospace industry.

    The quality management system (QMS) of maxon motor received certification according to the EN 9100 quality standard on October 23, 2012. The provider of high-precision drives and systems up to 500 W is therefore now officially a “specialist for the aerospace industry”.

  • maxon motor launches configurable DC drives.

    The new maxon DCX program offers high power and can be configured and ordered completely online.

    dcx.maxonmotor.com – On the Swiss drive specialist's microsite, you can find innovative brushed DC motors, planetary gearheads and encoders. The performance features of the precision drives are impressive, but it is a special service that sets them apart: DCX motors, GPX gearheads and ENX encoders can be configured and ordered online.

  • The new maxon motor magazine is here.

    Applications, interviews with experts, drives in depth. Interactive and exclusively for tablet computers.

    As of October 25, 2012, there is a new publication from the drive specialist maxon motor. “driven – the maxon motor magazine” will be issued three times a year for iPads and Android tablet PCs. At the end of each year, the highlights from the three tablet issues will be compiled in a print edition.

  • November 13, 2012: The day of birth of the next generation of DC drives.

    maxon motor launches a completely new product program.

  • ESCON 36/3 EC

    Maxi in the matter of performance, control properties, and range of functions. Mini as far as price, size, and commissioning are concerned for brushless DC motors.

  • Formula Renault 3.5 now with maxon motors

    The prestigious Formula Renault 3.5 series has become an important feeder championship for Formula One in recent years with a string of current F1 racers having graduated from Renault’s ranks. Scuderia Toro Rosso drivers Jean Eric Vergne and Daniel Ricciardo, and reigning World Champion Sebastian Vettel are all products of Formula Renault 3.5.

  • In the next 9 months, Switzerland's first tendon-controlled humanoid robot will be created.

    maxon drives help “Roboy” stand on its own legs.

    A project team with experts from science and industry, including the drive specialist maxon motor, is developing a new humanoid robot: “Roboy”. On March 9, 2013, “Roboy” will be presented to the public at the “Robots on Tour” international robotics fair that will take place in Zurich as part of the 25th anniversary of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab) of the University of Zurich. This development can now be followed and supported.

  • Encoder Technology from maxon motor on Board Curiosity.

    The landing of the Mars rover Curiosity took seven exciting minutes. Now it will be looking for signs of life on the Red Planet. maxon encoder technology will play a part in the successful excursion of the rover. This is the continuation of the success story of maxon products in outer space and on far away planets.

  • The new maxon program 2012/13 has arrived.

    In 2012, maxon motor presents new motors, gearheads, servo controllers, digital positioning controllers and integrated MILE encoders.

  • maxon motors fly again into outer space on board the "Dragon" spacecraft

    The flawless launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on May 22, 2012 is another successful step for maxon motor ag in the use of high precision motors in the astronautics industry. And the story continues: October 8, 2012 was the second successful launch of the Dragon capsule. The crucial tasks of the maxon motors in the SpaceX mission included orienting the solar arrays of the Dragon spacecraft towards the sun to provide the power supply.

  • New Formulae Handbook for Drive Technology

    maxon motor provides effective help for drive selection.

    The extensive collection with illustrations and descriptions includes formulae, terminology and explanations of the calculations that are relevant for drive systems. A flow chart provides assistance in selecting the right drive for each purpose.

  • maxon motor Group presents good results again

    maxon motor Group again achieved good results in 2011 – Revenue doubled since 2001 - Strengthened market leadership in the field of high-precision drive technology – Well-filled product pipeline – Cautiously optimistic look at the future.

  • maxon dc brushless motors make "ballbot" a reality

    With the assistance of maxon motor engineers, a team of Swiss students has turned science-fiction into a reality by developing the world's first high agility, high stability ballbot.

  • Newest ESCON supports larger and brushless motors

    maxon motors has introduced a new version of its miniature, easy to use ESCON servo motor controller, now offering support for both brushed and brushless motors up to 250 watts.

  • New distribution structure in Eastern Europe.

    The maxon motor Group continues to strengthen its local services and takes over the drive business for maxon drive systems in the Eastern European region from Uzimex AG.

  • The new innovation from maxon motor at the Hannover Messe 2012: The GP 26 A planetary gearhead

    maxon motor, the worldwide leading provider of high-precision drives and systems, presents a new, more powerful series of planetary gearheads, called GP 26 A. The GP 26 A closes the gap which previously existed between the 22 and 32 diameters in the range of power-optimized gearheads. The GP 26 A offers all of the advantages of the maxon series of gearheads, including modularity, precision and power. Particularly significant improvements over the previous generation are the higher permissible loads.

  • The GP 16 spindle drive

    Feed forces of up to 400 N

    The spindle drive program will be extended with the new size 16 mm. This is also an easily configurable complete system with integrated axial bearing for high loads. Version with metric M6 spindle or Ø 5 mm ball screw.

  • Twice the power: the new GP 16 C planetary gearhead

    Ø16 mm, 0.2–0.6 Nm

    When it was introduced many years ago, the GP 16 A planetary gearhead represented a milestone in gear technology, thanks to its use of powder metallurgy. Now, in the new GP 16 C, ceramic components are also used. Longer life span and a doubling of the continuous torque fulfill the requirements of many customers.

  • High-speed Synchronization with EPOS3 70/10 EtherCAT

    The digital positioning controller EPOS3 70/10 EtherCAT meets the highest demands in real-time positioning of synchronized multi-axis systems. Extremely compact in size, the EPOS3 possesses a wide nominal power supply voltage range from 11 to 70 VDC and delivers a continuous output current of 10 A, during acceleration and deceleration even up to 25 A. Designed for DC and EC motors with a power range up to 700 Watt, it provides outstanding uniform running for motors equipped with incremental encoders.

  • EC 60 flat with MILE Encoder and Protection Class IP 54

    Versatility, power, and robustness for flat motors have a name: «EC 60 flat».

    The multitude of possible combinations makes the new EC 60 flat the ideal drive in a wide range of applications. Whether the focus is on high nominal torque, on high-dynamic positioning tasks with superb repetition accuracy, or on robustness and insensitivity against environmental conditions, the choice is all up to the end user.

  • maxon motor Group enhances its global network with its own sales company in Austria.

    The worldwide leading provider in precision drives and systems is integrating its long-time sales partner, Kwapil & Co. GmbH, into the maxon motor Group. With this step, maxon motor is further strengthening its presence in Austria.

  • ESCON 50/5

    Straightforward commissioning – excellent controller characteristics – peak performance.

    Following the ESCON’s launch during fall 2011, maxon motor’s new series of servo controllers welcomes its second family member; the ESCON 50/5. As the little brother, it captivates by userfriendliness and outstanding performance. The compact, powerful 4-quadrant PWM servo controller offers efficient control of permanent-magnet activated brushed DC motors and brushless EC motors up to approximately 250 Watts. As part of the ESCON family, it is the embodiment of unrivaled power density in the field of servo controller technology. More convenience, functionality, protection, or power are hardly possible.

  • EC 90 flat with MILE Encoder

    In order to take advantage of the EC 90 flat motor’s ultra slim design also in high-precision applications and positioning tasks, a microsystem is being applied; the MILE encoder. The incredibly miniature system can be integrated into the motor without adding length to it.

  • Tiny DC motors drive high-speed pipettes

    With the aid of maxon's small, powerful brushed DC motors, Intellepro has developed an innovative compact multi probe pipette system to speed up research.

  • Eight Years Opportunity: Mars Rover Finds Signs of Water

    Built for eternity.

    In the eighth year of its Mars expedition, the Mars rover Opportunity has found evidence that water once existed on Mars. According to briefings by NASA, in late 2011 the rover found a vein of a notably light colored mineral – apparently gypsum – deposited by flowing water.

  • maxon motor UK: new website coming soon...

    Early in the New Year, we will unveil our new, improved website for maxon motor uk.

  • The production in Hungary is running smoothly

    For the past 10 years, maxon motor hungary has successfully been producing component groups and high-precision DC motors.

    The trend towards increasingly smaller and more powerful drive components is in full force. At the same time, the product development cycle is getting shorter and shorter. To enable a more flexible response to the market demands, maxon motor founded a third production plant in Veszprém, Hungary, in 2001. Ten years later, the drive specialist can add another success story to its history.

  • ESCON 36/2 DC: Powerful servo controller

    One-Two-Go! Startup made easy.

    The ESCON 36/2 DC is the first product in the new servo controller range by maxon motor and shows how user-friendly drive technology can be. The extremely compact, powerful 4-quadrant PWM servo controller offers efficient control of brushed permanent-magnet activated DC motors up to approx. 72 W. With its unsurpassed power density, it is the embodiment of the degree of miniaturization that is currently possible in the field of servo controller technology. It is hardly possible to pack more power, more functionality, more convenience and more protection in such small dimensions with today's level of technology.

  • EC 45 flat, 70 Watt: novel features with proven characteristics

    Power Pack with 130 mNm Nominal Torque and 45 mm Diameter.

    The successful series of brushless EC 45 flat motors gets an addition to the family.

  • maxon's 50th anniversary: tell us what you think

    maxon celebrates its its 50th anniversary this year, marking a half-century journey of technological innovation – from electric shavers to the surface of Mars.

  • “Max” the robot shows real muscle

    Science imitates life in “Max”; an astonishingly humanoid new robot, which takes its engineering cues from the workings of the human body. Officially named ECCERobot-2, the robot, designed by the Consortium of Zurich, Belgrade, Sussex and Munich Universities and put together by The Robot Studio, is built around a unique flexible skeleton, covered with layers of mechanical tendons and "muscle".

  • maxon expands extreme motor range

    Technical advances made by maxon motor while customising a brushless motor for operation in deep oil boreholes are to be rolled out in a new, heavy-duty motor range, designed for the harshest conditions on earth… and beyond.

  • Record results in 2010

    maxon motor Group posts record results in 2010

    maxon motor Group posts best ever results in the company's history – continuous innovation capacity and well-stocked product pipeline – successful optimization of company processes – cautiously optimistic about future economic outlook

  • maxon motor is turning 50

    The drive specialist from Sachseln has been in motion for half a century.

    The canton of Obwalden's largest employer can look back on half a century of history: 50 years of maxon motor ag means 50 years of innovation, quality and continuity. It therefore stands to reason that maxon drives are used wherever they need to work in extreme conditions - from the earth's interior all the way to Mars.

  • Yes we CAN.

    Introducing a tiny new positioning controller.

    maxon motor has introduced a tiny new positioning controller, specifically designed for controlling and commanding miniaturised applications in the CANopen network.

  • Your technical guide to CAN.

    Want expert advice on compact CAN?

  • maxon turns the tables... literally.

    Hidden technology transforms poker millionaire’s penthouse table for play.

  • New name for flagship brushless motor range.

    maxon unveils newly rebranded EC-4pole brushless motor.

    maxon motor has simplified its product branding by renaming its flagship EC-powermax range.

  • EPOS2 sets efficiency benchmark.

    Versatile, second generation controller is 94% efficient.

    maxon motor has expanded its second generation range of Easy-to-use Positioning Systems (EPOS2) to include the popular 70/10 controller.

  • New Chief Executive Officer

    Eugen Elmiger is the new Chief Executive Officer

    The Board of Directors has appointed Mr Eugen Elmiger, 47 years, as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of maxon motor ag in Sachseln with effect from January 1, 2011. The Board made this appointment to ensure that the continuity of the company's management and long-term development would be guaranteed in the best way possible.

  • Robot performance moves NASA - with maxon motors.

    Cape Canaveral tour guide will have same motors as the Mars Rover.

    A versatile robot actor, created in the UK, has beaten off international competition to become the public face of NASA’s world-famous Kennedy Space Centre.

  • maxon motor wins Central Switzerland's 2010 Innovation Prize

    The EC 22 HD drive for extreme conditions wins the race

    The 2010 Innovation Prize awarded by the Central Switzerland Chamber of Commerce (HKZ) has been won by maxon motor. The company convinced the jury with its new precision motor for extreme condi-tions - the maxon EC22 HD. This drive can withstand 200°C, 100 G and 1,700 bar.

  • EC 22 HD: For extremely operating conditions

    200°C / 100 G / -5'000 m / 1'700 bar – maxon motor sets new benchmark

    Drive systems made by maxon do their job under the most difficult conditions, such as, for example, on Mars. But not only in high altitudes or in outer space, maxon DC motors also operate in harsh ambient conditions as encountered deep underneath the earth's surface – immaculate, dependable, efficient.

  • EPOS2 24/2 The small Positioning Controller

    Miniaturized Positioning Controller – No Ifs, No Buts

    EPOS (easy to use positioning system) is being expanded again in a second generation. Several variants of the EPOS2 24/2 positioning controller permit the use of various brushed DC motors with encoder or brushless EC motors with Hall sensors and encoder up to 48 Watts.

  • Over rough and smooth - Robots on a mission to explore

    Intelligent robot systems are increasingly being used in disaster control, rescue missions and salvage operations – wherever it is too dangerous for humans. Robots that can look for survivors after an explosion, an earthquake or other natural disasters, or that can provide humans with a view of inaccessible regions, have become indispensable helpers. Powerful EC motors of maxon motor give the Japanese rescue robot “Quince” its drive.

  • maxon motor Group is strengthening its network

    maxon motor launches a new subsidiary in India

    The maxon motor Group is strengthening its worldwide network in the market for high-precision drives and systems up to 500 watts; on 1st August 2010 the new subsidiary – maxon precision motor India Pvt. Ltd. – has been established in Bangalore.

  • Germany wins the Robot Football World Cup

    maxon motor helped power the moves

    The Germany team won the 2010 Robot Football World Cup in Singapore. The name of the goalkeeper who played in the 6:1 win was not Thomas Müller but Nao; A robot. Rather than being powered by strong muscles, he draws his energy and flexibility from dynamic electro-motors provided by maxon motor.

  • EC 22 Ø22 mm, brushless, up to 100 watts, sterilizable.

    In addition to the well-approved EC 22 motors, maxon now offers variants for both, 40 Watts and 100 Watts. Sterilizable versions are also available for medical use.

  • After a difficult year in 2009, maxon begins 2010 with record sales

    Results for maxon motor Group in 2009 better than expected

    Sachseln, Switzerland. – Fiscal 2009 was a difficult year for maxon motor Group. Yet thanks to the company's strategy of broad diversification and its ability to win important projects and new customers, the anticipated drop in sales was less severe than originally feared. At CHF 248 million, Group sales were down 16% over the previous year. Cash flow of CHF 27.6 million enabled the company to fund all its investments without resorting to external financing. maxon invests 8.6% of its revenues in R&D, an area in which 200 of the company's total workforce of around 1,700 (previous year: 1,760) are employed. maxon has production plants in Sachseln (Switzerland), Sexau (Germany) and Veszprém (Hungary), and has succeeded in strengthening its position as a technology leader in the field of complex drive systems thanks to a number of new products. The first four months of fiscal 2010 were marked at maxon by record revenue sales and a bulging order book. Owing to the volatility of international markets, the company is looking to the future with cautious optimism.

  • Powerful maxon drives for tough conditions

    RE 50 and RE 65 industrial versions

    In response to a growing market requirement for drives with IP54 protection rating, maxon motor is expanding its existing range of RE 40 and EC 45 industrial versions by adding the RE 50 and RE 65. maxon motor is also launching new AB 44 mounted brakes.

  • Select, combine and order - from anywhere in the world.

    maxon motor's e-shop is being expanded.

    You can search on shop.maxonmotor.com quickly and easily for a DC or EC motor, combine it either with a gearhead and control electronics, then order the drive system you require, conveniently with just one mouse click, wherever you are.

  • Sterilizable Motors EC 13 and EC Size 5

    50 Watt Drives for Medical Technology.

    For the use in high speed medical applications of up to 90'000 rpm, maxon motor extends the product range by two sterilizable 50 Watt drives “EC Size 5” and “EC 13”. Stand-alone, or as motor/gear combination, the drives stand out by high power, extremely low-noise and low-vibration operation, marginal heat generation and minimal size – welcome characteristics particularly in medical handheld power tools.

  • Programmable all-in-one positioning controller

    Now with supervisory control and data acquisition interface

    The EPOS2 P 24/5 from maxon motor is a freely programmable positioning controller. Applications are programmed to comply with the IEC 61131-3 standard. The controller matches with DC brush motors with encoder or brushless EC motors with Hall sensors and encoder up to 120 watts.

  • Dual loop position and speed controller for anyone

    Powerful positioning controller with applied cutting-edge technology

    EPOS (Easy to use Positioning System) is being expanded again in its second generation. The EPOS2 70/10 matches with DC brush motors with encoder or brushless EC motors with Hall sensors and encoder up to 700 watts power.

  • Innovative and revolutionary speed controller

    Compact OEM module for brushless DC motors with Hall sensors

    The maxon motor DEC module 50/5 controller is a digital amplifier with speed controller for controlling electronically commutated (brushless) DC motors with Hall sensors up to 250 watts.

  • maxon motor on tracepartsonline.net

    Download CAD components and shorten your design times.

  • maxon academy

    Drive knowledge direct from the manufacturer.

    maxon motor's "maxon academy" training platform represents another innovative step in customer support. www.maxonmotor.com/academy offers comprehensive knowledge on drive technology; printed publications, e-learning modules and seminars on drive technology and motion control. "Professor's Desk" supports tutors and students.

  • Koaxdrive KD 32 – Silent and Powerful

    Low-noise planetary gearhead from maxon motor.

    This new product is very hard to hear! The low noise coaxial-drive (Koaxdrive) KD 32 planetary gearhead from maxon motor is setting new standards in operating noise and torque levels. Measuring 32 mm in diameter and with a torque of 6.5 Nm, it is ideal for use in noise-sensitive, highly demanding applications.

  • maxon motor is ready for the future

    Drive specialist from Sachseln wins Future Readiness Award 2009.

    This year the 5th European Futurists Conference Lucerne presented a Future Readiness Award for the very first time. Among the winners was microdrive producer maxon motor which has turned in a rela-tively stable performance despite the economic crisis thanks to the firm’s far-sighted policies.

  • maxon motor helps to get the most out of the sun

    Korean scientists found a way to not only considerably improve the solar cells’ efficiency.

    Manufacturing of highly efficient photovoltaic systems is marching on. A Korean development sets a new benchmark not only in respect to the efficiency of the solar cell itself, but also “condenses” the sunlight and multiply concentrates it. The result is an outstandingly power dense system designed to most advantageously harvest energy from a so far still sparsely used natural resource. maxon supplies the drives for continuous tracking of the actual solar position.

  • Photovoltaic system at headquarter

    maxon motor commissions its second photovoltaic system

    maxon motor not only produces exceptionally efficient electro drives, but also undertakes great effort in preserving natural resources and, wherever possible, makes use of renewable energies. Following a first installation at its subsidiary located in Sexau (Germany), an additional photovoltaic system within the maxon group just commenced operation at the headquarters in Sachseln (Switzerland).

  • Understanding robots

    An exhibition at the Museum of Design Zurich is dedicated to robots. It features around 200 exhibits, including a number of maxon motors.

    The Museum of Design Zurich is mounting an exhibition in its Galerie entitled "Robots - from Motion to Emotion?" from 24 June to 4 October 2009. Visitors can expect to see numerous exhibits, ranging from historical automata to modern robots and future designs. There is also a side exhibition focusing on the technology of how robots work, i.e. drive technology. Part of the exhibition therefore includes several of maxon’s precision motors.

  • Sales stable at maxon

    Good results for 2008 reported by the maxon motor Group - maxon medical developed as another mainstay business – adjustments undertaken due to weak economic environment - drop in sales forecast for 2009:

    The maxon motor Group reported its second best-ever results in 2008, with sales totalling CHF 297.5 million compared with its record-breaking CHF 303.5 million in the previous year. At 2007 exchange rates, sales would have been CHF 325 million. Despite the weaker economy in the second half of 2008, cash flow totalled CHF 33 million (40.4 in the previous year), enabling all capital expenditure programmes to be internally funded.

  • EC 25 High Speed - incredibly smooth running

    Fast and a speed-optimized drive.

    As an addition to the topmost performance range of EC motors, maxon motor launches its EC 25 High Speed – a speed-optimized and, at the same time, small-sized 250 W drive. Fast, and still incredibly smooth running. Or, in other words: EC 25 High Speed.

  • Sterilizable EC Size 5 and EC 13

    Small, precise and incredibly fast.

    For the use in high speed medical applications of up to 90 000 rpm, maxon motor launches the two sterilizable drives “EC Size 5 sterilizable” and “EC 13 sterilizable”. They are designed for the use with or without the specially matched planetary gearheads. Stand-alone or as motor/gearhead combination; either way, the drives are characterized by their high nominal speed, an extremely low-noise and low-vibration operation, marginal thermal emission and small size. Small, precise and incredibly fast. Or, in other words: EC Size 5 sterilizable / GP Size 5 M and EC 13 sterilizable / GP 13 M.

  • RE 50

    maxon motor launches another power pack.

    As an addition to the topmost performance range of DC motors, maxon motor launches its RE 50 – an extremely high density 200 W power pack, wrapped into bare minimum dimensions.Unprecedented with respect to robustness and durability as well as its power rating ratio, it is the very best that money can buy.

  • Revolutionary and robust – the MILE encoder.

    maxon motor unveils the world’s smallest inductive encoder.

    Small, robust and accurate, maxon motor’s inductive micro encoder is a milestone in encoder technology. Secure against the effects of EMC, dust or oil, it has a configurable index pulse and integrated commutation signals. And its diameter is just 6mm.

  • 1-Q-EC amplifier DEC Module 24/2

    Compact speed controller for brushless DC motors with Hall Sensors.

    The DEC Module 24/2, a digital 1-quadrant amplifier with speed controller for brushless EC motors with Hall Sensors up to 48 Watt.

  • 5 Years on Mars

    NASA Mars rovers keep on running and running and running …

    The Spirit and Opportunity rovers have been making discoveries on the Red Planet since January 2004. Both are driven by 39 of maxon's micromotors.

  • Dynamic and precise: The perfect OEM drive solution

    maxon motor launches new CANopen positioning module.

    As an addition to the digital positioning controllers of the EPOS family, maxon motor now presents an OEM version. The miniaturized EPOS2 Module 36/2 is designed to control brush DC motors as well as brushless EC motors. The well-priced plug-in module offers full motion control functionalities and suits single-axis and multiple-axis applications of miniature size. The EPOS2 Module 36/2 is the perfect drive solution for equipment designers.

  • 5 years: NASA Mars rovers keep on running and running and running …

    The Spirit and Opportunity rovers have been making discoveries on the Red Planet since January 2004. Both are driven by 39 of maxon's micromotors.

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