• maxon medical products and applications

    By Patrick Vega, Technical Engineer at maxon motor uk

    With DC motors as small 4mm it’s not surprising that 45% of maxon motor’s business is from the medical industry. Patrick Vega, Technical Engineer at maxon motor uk, discusses some of the products and applications.

  • Using maxon motors in Robotics

    By Amir Janjua, Technical Engineer, maxon motor UK

    maxon technology is widely used in robotics, where high power density and precision are prerequisites. This article explains which products are most suited to robot applications and why.

  • An exceptionally talented engineer and innovator

    On the death of Bodo Fütterer

  • New high-precision positioning encoder from maxon motor

    Introducing the ENX 16 RIO encoder

    maxon motor presents a top-of-the-range high-resolution encoder. The ENX 16 RIO offers an impressive resolution of up to 65,536 counts per turn in a compact and rugged housing.

  • maxon motor at Le Mans

    maxon chosen for hostile racing cars

    2017 was an incredible year for race car engine specialist, Gibson Technology. The Repton based company designed, developed and manufactured a new 4.2 litre V8 engine, supplied to all LMP2 racing teams in the most prestigious endurance competitions. Every engine depends on the performance and reliability of a maxon DC motor and gearhead assembly.

  • Motion Controller expanded with EtherCAT

    Plug-in board for maxon EPOS4 controllers.

    maxon motor is equipping its EPOS4 positioning controllers with additional connectivity options. They can now be integrated into any EtherCAT network as a slave by using an expansion board.

  • maxon motor aids environmental monitoring

    Monitoring equipment is used to inspect the air in pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturing sites where a sterile environment is paramount. It is essential that facilities producing injectible drugs such as those used to treat patients with cancer who may have weak immune systems, or facilities offering stem cell therapy, are bacteria free to avoid risk of infection.

  • A powerful and cost-effective drive

    The brushless EC-i 30 DC motor from maxon motor.

    Several different versions of the high-torque, brushless EC-i motors from maxon motor are now also available in small diameters. They are perfect for hand-held devices and applications in robotics.

  • Startups are changing the world

    driven shows how they do it.

    The current issue of driven – the maxon motor magazine – is all about new ideas. In "Making the future happen!", we take an in-depth look at four exciting startups, and two modern soccer robots.

  • Why do DC motors have brushes?

    by Patrick Vega, Technical Engineer at maxon motor uk

    DC motors with brushes? What are their purpose? Are they really needed?

  • Racing small-scale formula cars

    Formula Student is an annual competition for university undergraduates, run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). Teams from around the world design, build, test and race small-scale formula style racing cars. maxon controllers are a fundamental part of the hydraulic actuation system for the team at the University of Bath.

  • The stripped down motor

    maxon now offers BLDC motors as frameless kits.

    Motors used in robotics must be lightweight while simultaneously providing high torque in order for arms and grippers to move dynamically. This is why Swiss drive specialist maxon motor is offering a new solution: The tried and tested brushless flat motors as frameless kits.

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